How To Add To Website For Free?

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to add to website for free.

Your does not reach your website visitors. If your is not presented on your website, you're missing out on several opportunities like getting more customers, increasing your fans or followers, and making your website look more attractive.

You work hard every day to craft the perfect post for your . You set goals, do research, plan your content, choose hashtags, and try to focus more on helping over selling. But your still does not reach its full potential because it is not added to your website.

We will use SociableKIT to solve all the issues mentioned above. SociableKIT is a free website widget that allows you to quickly add the to your website. You set up this widget only once and your updates are automatically added to your website.

Complete guide - Add to website for free

To add to website for free, follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up to SociableKIT. You will be automatically logged in after you enter your email and click the signup button. You can login here if you already have an account. Once you sign up, you will start your 7-day premium trial. After 7 days, you can activate the free plan if you don't need our premium features.
  2. Select your type on the dropdown. SociableKIT offers several solutions. You might need to search it using the highlighted area below. Once found, you can then select it. Here are the different types of that you can add to your website:
  3. Enter your username. Copy your URL and paste it in the username box. Our system will automatically identify your username.
  4. Customize your . Click the "NEXT" button to show the customization options of your social feed. You can change the layout, colors, font, and more to match your brand. Click the Save changes button.
  5. Copy the embed code. Click the "Embed on website" button on the upper right corner. On the pop up, copy the embed code.
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Thousands of creators and business owners already add to website using SociableKIT. SociableKIT help them do it fast, easy, and with no coding required! Here's what our customers feel.

Johnny Strömbäck recommends SociableKIT: The support is also superb. Not only are they helping you with all the little problems you might encounter, but they also listen to requests for new features.
Village of Bensenville recommends SociableKIT: A fantastic set of plugins that truly helps navigate the ever changing world of social media and keeping our various platforms connected. The support team is fantastic and they have really been responsive to our needs.
Katie Rodgers recommends SociableKIT: Super easy to set up and integrated seamlessly with my website.
Crystal Davis-Gibbs recommends SociableKIT: Great features! Very responsive support, and amazing quick turn around on enhancement request.
Coby Gifford recommends SociableKIT: It actually works, is very easy to implement, super powerful, looks great, and the price is right.

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Add to website now

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